Industry analyses of rehabilitation equipment and trends 2016

Rehabilitation equipment is a special product of multiple technologies, involving in biomedicine, machine, electronic computer, new materials and other technology fields. As technology develops, rehabilitation equipment tends to be information, intelligent, family used and personalized.
1, information
People have radically changed their living style, behavior and value as the wide use of information technology in production, research, education, healthcare, enterprises and government management. The intellectual rehabilitation equipment integrated with internet of things (IoT) will be one of the key industries. Intellectual rehabilitation, by building regional information platform of archives and using IoT technology and cloud computing technology, makes it possible for dysfunctional patients to interact with rehabilitation equipment and medical rehabilitation institutes, and changes rehabilitation service into information.
As smart phone is widely used, the remote rehabilitation becomes possible with the combination of IoT (internet of things) and smart phone, for example, in following ways:
1)       Safety monitoring and warning notice for the aged people at home.
The sensing system of IoT can monitor the old people at home and send warning notice literally to rehabilitation suppliers once the devices like falling-down detector, electric sheet and humidity sensor are triggered.
2)       Remote rehabilitation and training
By connecting rehabilitation training and terminal device of physiotherapy with smart phone, patient can take rehabilitation training at home and store their treatment data in smartphones. What is more, the data can send to the attending physician through internet, so physician may communicate with patient about training and treatments through smartphone.

2, intelligent
Rehabilitation equipment is mainly used for patients of physical dysfunction. Therefore, its automation and the intelligent interaction between patient and computer are significant in the use of rehabilitation equipment. When computer and artificial intelligence technology develop, especially the clinical research on brain-computer interface (BCI), rehabilitation equipment is also tending to be automatic and intelligent. The trends can be found on the application of rehabilitation equipment in medical institutes and the assistive devices used by the aged and disabled people in daily life.

3, Family use
Develops along with living standards is the sense of health.  People now pay more attention on self-diagnosis, self-treatment, self-care and self-healthcare, therefore, the easy and convenient rehabilitation equipment and assistive devices increase rapidly in families. The aging population creates a great market for family rehabilitation equipment while the development of rehabilitation equipment also tends to a same view “prevention first” with what medical rehabilitation proposed.  Family rehabilitation equipment will finally be convenient, humanized and widely used. 

4, personalized
Rehabilitation actually is a personal service. The application of rehabilitation equipment varies based on individual conditions like age, body type and dysfunctional conditions. Currently, rehabilitation service is allocated in a form of public welfare, by which can hardly play nice rehabilitative effects while it is a wasting of resources. The personalized design and services of rehabilitation equipment for the disabled will play a key role in improving the possible health quality and become the great chance and challenge manufacturers will confront.
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