People say that the personality traits of the founder will heavily stamp on the company. So, I always worry and struggle, what kinds of personality color can I bring to Humaneotec? I really hope Humaneotec is full of colors, not just a single personality symbol. I have been eager to hope that the shortcomings of my growth may not limit the growth of enterprise. It is not regrettable that one after another Humaneotec staff dedicate their passionate youth and dreams to Humaneotec; even though they left, they could look back and see Humaneotec stand still, forge ahead.


Since its establishment in 2008, Humaneotec has grown from an unnamed foreign brand agent of medical equipment to a high-tech enterprise with own research and specialized production, and has occupied an unshakable place in the domestic and foreign rehabilitation market. It relies on a joking way by being insider-hard head, thick-skinned.


Being hard head, where the truth is, I will go ahead even in face of thousands of opponents. Knowing it is impossible but still sticking to, even it makes your head broken and bleeding, you still insist on fighting after failure. Keep thick-skinned, don’t afraid of the ridicule and, don’t afraid of contempt, insist on stand up even fall down many times, brave confrontation on the front line of market. Our generation has the dream of a lonely hero, which is difficult to overcome despite the difficulties, since the dream in heart brings us bright eyes. On the earlier stage of development, the team established by Humaneotec group, just like me, worked hard on the rehabilitation medical field. We go forward step by step, recognized slowly, widely approved after several times rebirth.


I always ask myself, how far can Humaneotec go and how high can I stand. It seems to be a fighting with myself, but I know, it can see higher and farther only when you stand on the shoulder of the giant. I hope there were more like - minded partners standing side by side, make the short board together and become long board with unlimited extension; I desire this brother company who helped Humaneotec will continued to work together in the field of health industry to achieve the ideal and realize the value of life; I wish that all the institutions or individuals who has accepted Humaneotec will continue to support Humaeotec and be stricter with Humaneotec. Humaneotec has never been a village of one person, but a totem of a group of people.


Today’s Humaneotec, covers the national market from Guangzhou city step by step; from building Beijing office to Hunan manufactory; foreign market occupation at the same time. To be Humaneotec group is trend. 2021 will be a special year for Humaneotec development. Great mind matures slowly, we invite you to wait for the flowers and fight with us together.

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