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+ Individual rehabilitation project, various problems in your rehabilitation; Establishment of rehabilitation institutes, challenges in company operation.

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  • Dr. Chen Jianping

    Senior Clinical Manager and Physiotherapist of Physiotherapy Dept. of the largest listed medical group in Hong Kong
    Expertise: Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and treatment of surgery, internal medicine, orthopedics, burn and infection diseases. Prevention and treatment for chronic waist pain, headache, and neck pain.
  • Dr. Huang Dongfeng

    Chief Physician of rehabilitation department, the Fist Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University
    Expertise: Intensive researches and rich experience in rehabilitation therapy of brain nerves and joints, rehabilitation therapy and technology for brain trauma, cerebral palsy and so on. 
  • Ms. Huang Wenbi

    Marketing Manager of Asia-pacific region and China of Medical Equipment Company, Chongqing Medical University
    1st President of United Family Healthcare and United Family Rehabilitation Hospital
    Vice President of Healthcare Service Dept. of Evergrande Health
    Vice-Secretary General of Chinese Non-government Medical Institute Association
    Director of China Chronic Disease Medical Association
  • Dr. Wang Yulong

    Director of Rehabilitation Center of The Second People’s Hospital of Shenzhen
    Director of Rehabilitation Medicine Research Center of Shenzhen University
    Director of Shenzhen Quality Control Center of Rehabilitation Medicine
    Director of Shenzhen Rehabilitation Center of the disabled
  • Dr. Zhang Ruikun

    Chairman of Asia Pacific Federation of Societies for Hand Therapies
    Supervisor of Taiwan Occupational Therapy Association
    Supervisor of Gao Xiong Occupational Therapy Association
    Expertise: application of Originated OTsoft operation for cognitive rehabilitation training of patients and children in rehabilitation hospitals, geracomium and institute for handicapped.
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