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Guangzhou Humaneotec Co.,Ltd (Hereafter will be Humaneotec) is an innovative company focusing on production and sales of rehabilitation equipment and assistive devices. It can design the product configuration covering rehabilitation assessment, training, assistive treatment, long-term training and nursing care according to the needs of patients in various conditions. As its business develops, Humaneotec provides not only its products, but also the consultation service for those institutes who want to transform its business and complete rehabilitative services.

Rehabilitation training, patient nursing and transfer is the key area Huameotec attaches great importance to. With the spirit of innovation, Humaneotec has become a leading brand of its field by integrating its expertise, passionate and serious attitudes into every detail of its products. 

Product positioning:
ICU, operating room, care facilities and home care givers like rehabilitation institutes, nursing home, community rehabilitation agencies and home-based care and rehabilitation.

Quality assurance
Quality is the competence of Humaneotec. Therefore, Humaneotec got the approval of quality management systems including ISO13485:2003 & ENISO13485:2012 & ISO9001:2008, most of its products have registered patents and got the certificate of FDA and CE. 

Our service
Consultation and design of rehabilitation plan
A series of rehabilitation equipment
Training and intelligent update
Information construction and big data

Company Structure

Research Cooperation

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