Interactive-VR wheelchair

Product Profile
Interactive-VR wheelchair works the same as like a real wheelchair. When user running the real wheelchair forward or perform other operations, the wheelchair in VR will make corresponding actions.
Product Features
Simulated operations: independent and adjustable system of magnetoresistance, dual-mode 4-way sensor and speed control.
Lifelike experience: except going forward and backward, it also offers the lifelike experience of steering and on ramp. 
Outstanding training effect: one can steer the wheelchair, and control speed and direction intuitively. 
Multiple scenes: multifunctional VR vision has integrated rehabilitation training and entertainment, taking rich real experience and fun for users. 
A system for all wheelchairs: Special design for all wheelchairs. The slid-bar (adjustable as per front and rear wheels) and two front wheel fixers (adjustable as per       width of front wheels) make it available for most wheelchairs. User can take training directly on his own wheelchair. 
Easy installation: the strong and removable platform is designed with an inclination range of 0 ~15 degrees.  Using aluminum alloy as main frame, the platform is about 95kg and adjustable in height.

Applicable People
children of cerebral palsy, developmental coordination disorder, hypotonic cerebral palsy, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, learning disability and mental disturbance and visual attention deficit.
Applicable instutitions
Medical institute / rehabilitation institute/ community rehabilitation center

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