Interactive Cycle Ergometer

Product Profile
Patients can have a more interesting and active rehab exercise trough LE-E002 interactive cycle ergometer. With provided auditory and visual entertainment, it can attract patient’s interests to training and their physical coordination can be strengthened. The therapist can also evaluate the rehabilitation according to the exercise records。

Stimulate the training initiative of patient and strengthen the coordination of limbs and body.

Can record time, speed,distance, calorie, fat expenditure and  sugar decomposition。
•     To establish the  individual databasewith rehab  plan, and record every rehab result.
•     To regular every patient's rehab practice and help to have a healthier life.
•     Patient can play game while exercising.
•     To evoke patient's thinking capacity, andstrengthen physical coordination.

  Health management
Time,Speed ,Distance,Calorie,Fat Expenditure
Passionate and interactive training pattern makes rehabilitation more interesting!

It can automatically monitor user's exercise and provide related assessment. Its Individual database records training information precisely. A therapist only makes rehab plan for patient to follow accordingly. Through searching the record, a therapist can get precise rehab information and adjust rehab plan if necessary.

Applicable People
Lower limb injury patients
Applicable Institutions
Medical Institution / Rehabilitation Center / Community Rehabilitation /Home Rehabilitation

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