VR Training System of Rehabilitation for Children

A safe, interesting and inspiring game can easily drive children to have physical and cognitive exercises and take part in social activities positively. Meanwhile our system will also collect, trace and analyze the training data of a case, which is convenient for assessment and further instruction of training.
The specific system can help therapists adjust the training items according to different capability and needs of children. Apart from that, the data collected can support the therapists to make the assessment and instruction throughout the training procedure timely.
The 5 games
Benefits of Learning
Cognitive ability I: The cognitive and learning ability of children can be enhanced. The training program involves numbers, quality, classification, visual cognition and so on.
Sociability I: The collaboration and mutual learning of children will be improved as the training program requires two children to collaborate with each other. In the training course, the children are taught to follow the rules, share with partner the game and imitate the behavior of partner.
Motor ability I:It can enhance the cooperative ability and crossing movement of hands, and increase the reaction rate, power of hands and shoulders, and the range of motion at hands.
Concentration I: In concentration games, the system will reduce the absent-minded conditions of trainer according to specific, real-time and detectable feedback.
Professional Edition
The professional edition can record the basic information and training data of trainers and provide therapists with senior tools for case management and data analysis. All the case data will be stored in local server, and every therapist can trace and analyze the data of 20 cases at a time.

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