China got its high-speed Train Development in World’s Leading Position, Followed

CRN news on Jan. 17 by journalist He Wei. Today, the work conference of China Railway Corporation was held in Beijing. It is learned that, China Railway Corporation, based on the deployment requests of the Party Central Committee and State Council on accelerating railway development, has accelerated and completed the high-speed railway network construction focused on “four vertical and four horizontal" system. By the end of 2015, the mileage of high-speed railways had reached top 190,000 km in the world, together with other rapid passenger transport networks can serve for the cites over 500,000 population.
China’s railway construction has attracted worldwide attention. 
Meanwhile, Humaneotec ceiling lift system, the first ceiling left system inspired from China’s railway transport has gained over 40 new clients with a total ceiling rail over 1 thousand meters. The celling rails paved on Divine Land, or above the patients and caregivers, have brought help to those who need it. If the railway on the earth is connecting with the united dream of Chinese people, then the rail on ceiling is connecting with the hope and high living quality of patients and happiness of caregivers, as well as the faith of Humaneotec, to provide better products.
By Jan. 31, the users of the ceiling lift system supplied by Humaneotec has been over 100 medical institutes, including Sichuan 81 Rehabilitation Center, Guangdong Provincial Work Injury Rehabilitation Center and many other large-scale hospitals.
In 2015, Humaneotec attended the Rehacare & Orthopedic China (Guangzhou) 2016, the 72nd China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF Spring 2015), the 16th China Regional Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF Regional 2015), the 74rd China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF Autumn 2015), Care & Rehabilitation Expo China 2015, in which Humaneotec has caught the eye of public and gained the guidance of experts, as well as the approval from fair participants. 

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